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A Sweet Typing Thrill A Sweet Typing Thrill

Rated 4.5 / 5 stars

Glad to have helped with this.

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LucidShadowDreamer responds:

I'm glad you did! Saved me time, effort, and worries :)

Boreal Boreal

Rated 3 / 5 stars

Looks promising. Had quite the bit of lag trying to walk around in areas with effects going on, like the steam and lights. Try to fix that in final.

Alx101 responds:

Thanks! Could you PM me your PC specs and what browser you used? I didn't encounter any lag myself when testing it out, but I do run it on a pretty high end machine too.

Coming Out Simulator Coming Out Simulator

Rated 5 / 5 stars

Loved this game.
While I'm not LGBT, I've got full support for them. I chose what I would've chosen, that is, being brutally honest with any hint of sarcasm I could throw in, and got a sickening form of pride in getting punched in the face for it. I saw it coming.
In the end, it really doesn't matter, though, does it?
Some curious side of me wants to know the story as it happened, but again, it doesn't matter.
Nick was happy in the end.

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Cosmic Clicks Cosmic Clicks

Rated 5 / 5 stars

Figured I'd play this through finally. Wonderful time spent, loved the dialog.
Tim, ya mis-coded the achievements. I unlocked "Like A Rock" after getting all the engine upgrades, and I'm sure some others are out of order, but I wasn't paying attention when they popped up.
Regardless, great game. Now get back to work. :P

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DarkTimmy responds:

I'm back at work! HAHAHAH! Thanks for playing and I'll check on the achievement. I thought I fixed that one a while ago but maybe not. So glad you liked it and the dialog was indeed my favorite part also.



I Refuse to Walk I Refuse to Walk

Rated 3.5 / 5 stars

Wonderful concept. With some more polish and added levels, this game would be a front-pager for sure. Noticed the little bump from firing, which I think is a nice touch. All in all you guys did a great job. Keep it up.

String Theory String Theory

Rated 4 / 5 stars

Alternate title: Super Party Mace

Interesting concept, but could use a little more work. Impressed that the engine didn't destroy my computer with so many physics objects being whipped around at hyper-speed.

Keep at it.

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Pine Pine

Rated 4 / 5 stars

Hello, sir!

I enjoyed this game for what it's worth, that being everything. There is no facet of this game I didn't take at least small pleasure in, but saying that, there weren't many facets to begin with.

Let's start with the thing that impressed me the most; the story. At the beginning of the game, I was assuming that this was going to be a short little smudge to make me think, but the end product was something that has left me at what the game has for an end screen astonished. A wonderfully thought provoking story, inter-cut with some exploration in a dying plant. Speaking of...

The graphics. This is another thing that I thought would be a downer in this game, but ended up making me impressed. The simplicity of the graphics draw attention to the story in a compelling and likable manner. Some improvement should be done, but PLEASE do not overdo it. The characters and their animations were elegantly designed, but could have some work done. For instance, if you're falling down a ways and rub up against the wall, it looks like you're having a seizure. Also, there could be a little turning animation on the father, it's a little choppy. Speaking of...

The music. An amazing choice, as with the graphics. It is elegant while keeping attention drawn to the story. The thing that makes it choppy is the space where it loops. (Maybe add a space for some fade to ease it up?) Although this isn't technically music, but it's still sound, could you add some voice acting to the dialogue? If there was, I couldn't hear it. Other than that, the sound kept me in a pleasant mood, even in difficulty. Speaking of...

The game-play. A game about learning to survive on your own shouldn't hold your hand, and it doesn't, but I found myself in some spots without a clue what to do. The biggest of these being a room I affectionately refer to as "The Fuck You Loop." The progression in the game is amazing, and goes parallel to the story. Upon getting the gloves and acquiring the strength of your father, I remembered some spots that I couldn't get to and sure as shit I was supposed to go there. After getting the boots (Another spot that gave me trouble) and being able to catch your own fall, I felt a little more free. (This feeling the text confirmed I should be having((Although I spent the time afterwards impersonating superman)) In grabbing the ax, I solemnly understood what must be done. I dropped down and cut the sapling, bringing me to the end of the game. Speaking of...

The end. The story tied itself off perfectly with the girl standing alone. Although disappointing, the ending is what fit best. (This is the only spot where I found a glitch, wherein if you press "Z" at the end screen, it will redo the end text on the white screen)

A marvelous game, sir! Many said a map would increase the value of the game, but I think it would detract a little, due to the nature of it. Medals as well would be a thing to avoid in my opinion. Also, is there a pause button? Because I haven't found one. I would appreciate if you sent me notice when you update, as I'd like to see what changes you present. Have a glorious day!

dylan responds:

Thanks for the review! I don't like I'll be adding voice acting. Audio takes up a huge amount of data, and I'm not planning on making people wait through horrible load times. If you're interested in a version with voice acting, check out the short film this game is based on:

I'll keep in mind your other advice when I have a chance to work on the updates.

Ridiculous Glitching Ridiculous Glitching

Rated 4.5 / 5 stars

A game that deserves to be on the front page as any. Fun art style and grooving soundtrack, as well as nods to several different games. (Including a demand for me to play more broforce, apparently)