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Did a thing.

2015-07-06 23:35:29 by absoluteDETH

It's a lot different than the stuff I usually do.

More abstract.

It's also less disturbing, even if my other things are only mildly so.

Check it out?:


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2015-07-07 01:07:01

how did those paint blotches come about? I like the way they look

absoluteDETH responds:

I decided it'd look good in front of watercolor splotches, and that the CMYK color model would work because the initial figure was already black, and because cyan magenta and yellow work well as soft colors, contrasting the sharp figure. I don't have a scanning device, so I replicated the effect in SAI using tweaked brushes (I modify one or two brushes with names I randomly decided to like to be my main ones for each project. This is incredibly irresponsible as it makes WIP pieces hell to get back to.) and layer effects. I actually used two layers with differing effects, the base one having a faint rough cloth texture and fringe effect, and the top one being a semi-transparent copy with a messier texture, no fringe effect, and set to overlay. This emulated watercolor blotches quite nicely.

Holy fucking shit, maybe I DO know what I'm talking about. I scared myself when I read that back. o.o