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Doing a thing.

2014-11-10 00:01:10 by absoluteDETH


Actually that depends on where you are, so...



Fuck it, Good Aftermorndernooningnight.

I decided to make use of my several hours of inactivity throughout any given day and work on a project.

One that looks like this.


This is something I'll be doing to pass the time and hopefully recover some of my mental capacity.

This is not what I had LucidShadowDreamer make music for.


On a similar note to recovering mental capacity, I am currently being put through the induction process for a therapist, to (Again, hopefully,) make my depression and other problems go away. Dunno how long this is going to take, but they'll probably look at this project and say "That kid needs help."


"Why aren't you working on that project you bugged LSD to make music for that you were being an asshole about? By the way, fuck you."

Because I don't feel like it. It'll get done eventually.

"This looks like shit. It'll probably be shitty like all your other shit."

With all that shit coming out of your mouth, I'm assuming you need to wipe.

"You're going to see a therapist? You psycho motherfucker. What, do you murder cats?"

No. I have depression, and probably other things. Not the cat murdering kind.

"Liar. You're a psychopathic dickbag who needs to get removed from the face of the Earth."

Whatever lets you sleep at night.

"Fuck you, you smug bitch."

Language, mister.

That's the sound of my parents going at it on the other side of a paper thin wall, so I should head to bed before I get an aneurysm from the thought.

Thank god I have music to listen to.



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